Senior Picture Special!

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JN Media Group is a family friendly multimedia business that specializes in photography services for weddings, maternity, newborns, senior pictures, groups and classes, parties, and more. Not only do we photograph the events, but we hand edit and finalize each picture so that every event is elegantly remembered for generations. Commercial photography and church congregation portraits are also available in Central Virginia. Our other services include custom slideshows, VHS to DVD converting, cassette tape converting, and DVDs from your home recordings.

Why the “Group?” Nathan is the owner and the photographer, and he chose to have the word “Group” in the company name because he not only wants to serve clients as a cost-effective, professional photographer and editor, but he also desires JN Media Group to be a networking hub for other photographers, film makers, models, artists, and more. Why the network? Say for instance you hire a photographer other than Nathan for your child’s wedding. The day before the wedding the photographer has a medical emergency. That photographer can reach out to the network and have another professional for the wedding at no additional cost to you. Or say you have a wedding venue and you want a photographer and a model to take some commercial photographs for advertising. With the JN Media Group network you can hire Nathan as the photographer and he’ll find a model that fits your needs at no additional cost. Call him today at 434-944-6982 or email him at admin@jnmediagroup.net.